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Special Education

We at dpws Delhi Public World School Aravali believe that the goal of achieving universalization of education is incomplete without inclusive and integrated education. The Inclusion department contributes as a major catalyst in the field of rehabilitation and integration, thus ensuring a barrier free conducive environment in the school. Inclusion is both a practice and ideology at dpws Delhi Public World School Aravali.

Our school has a Counselling and SEN department which is committed to the integration of special needs through improvised curriculum and approach as the focus is laid in the holistic development of the child's social, emotional, mental and cognitive growth. To ensure a synchronized and a collaborative approach, the teaching and the non-teaching staff is sensitized and trained about the nuances of special needs. The department plays gamut of roles to ensure conducive environment in the school for our special needs. It is important to make them feel respected and connected with their peers. Keeping this in mind we offer flexibility to the child and give the important space within which she/he can reach her/his maximum potential with least alterations in their environment. Thus, working on their strengths and setting short-term and long-term goals the school aims at a holistic growth of each child. In nutshell


We provide them support to pursue activities of interest.
● Be supportive to any signs of progress.
●Seek parental support and cooperation.
●Sensitize teachers and all supports staff to their needs.
●Plan academic and behavioral remedial.
●Assist students during examinations and graded papers as per their academic level.
●Ensure their participation in cultural activities, both intra and inter-school.
●Synchronize with outside interventions to ensure ongoing progress.