Delhi Public World School Aravali aims to offer world class educational program that is : 

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Introducing each student to a wide range of concepts, experience, knowledge and skills while at the same time developing personal, social and emotional skills.

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Ensuring that sufficient emphasis and time is allowed for each aspect of the programme to be effective.

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Ensuring that material, teaching style and content is relevant and contribute to an overall, sound education, preparing students for the opportunities and responsibilities of a rapidly changing world.

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Appreciating that all students have varying learning styles, we aim to ensure that the teaching style is matched to individual students, aiding in the development of their abilities and aptitudes. Extra classes can be conducted for students who need assistance in any subject.

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Provide progression and continuity in teaching learning so that children benefit from progression in their learning.

The Delhi Public World Foundation’s curriculum adheres to the National Curriculum
Framework 2005 (NCF 2005) and the CBSE curriculum.

The Foundation believes that classroom experiences must align with the learner’s nature and context to provide best learning opportunities. It also believes that the teacher’s primary goal is to ignite and guide curiosity. At the centre of it all are children – constantly encouraged to make sense of their world through hands-on experiences, appreciate the value of mental and bodily health, and express themselves with passion, clarity and confidence.