Delhi Public World School Aravali ( Day Boarding )

Delhi Public World School Aravali  recognizes the challenges parents face regarding their wards’ safety and security after school hours and offers the perfect solution: Our Day Boarding Concept. This facility is optionally available to all students in their additional afternoon and early evening hours at school. School bus services will be available to the students.

Secure and comfortable environment

Day Boarding at Delhi Public World School Aravali is a hygienic, comfortable, enriching and safe home-away-from-home environment for students.

Trained staff

Mentors and instructors are present to protect, guide and inspire the student at every point.

An engaging world of activities and hobbies

At the Day Boarding Facility in Delhi Public World School Aravali, students have the liberty of catching up with studies with a host of educational materials, keep themselves fruitfully engaged via skill-development hobbies and activities, partake in extra-curricular events to nurture their talents, play their favourite sports and games or take a rejuvenating nap.

Hygienic and healthy food

A tastefully prepared, nutritionist-supervised meal takes care of the students’ dietary needs at the Day Boarding Facility in Delhi Public World School Aravali.

Advantages of Day Boarding for students

  • Day Boarding allows parents to carry on with their work schedule stress-free, rest assured in the knowledge that their ward is being well looked after.
  • It provides a safe and comfortable shelter to kids in the transitory phase between school and home.
  • Day Boarding presents additional opportunities to students to improve their personality, knowledge and skills, and thereby reinforces academic and extra-curricular performance.
  • Day Boarding helps in developing  bonding and comfort-level between students and school, which impacts learning and growth positively.