Delhi Public World School Aravali

Delhi Public World School Aravali is part of a chain of schools under the aegis of Delhi Public World Foundation. Set on a modern campus against the backdrop of the majestic Aravali mountains, Delhi Public World School Aravali marks the beginning of a new era in education in the country. The school derives its distinctive persona from the Dipsites Pedagogy System (DPS).

Delhi Public World School Aravali combines time-honoured philosophies, synergies from the environment, best practices and technology in never-before ways. The result is a unique universe of learning where knowledge and real-world experiences complement each other at every step. Where creativity, sports and academics blend seamlessly. Where students reach out to their counterparts through peer-based learning. Where teachers evolve via continuous R&D. And where values like equity, compassion, co-operation and ‘service before self’ nurture winning characters that shine a lifetime.

Most importantly, it is a world where children grow the way they were always meant to: By designing their very own learning curves.