Delhi Public World School Aravali

Delhi Public World School Aravali

Delhi Public World School Aravali is situated in a state-of-the-art campus enveloped by the stately Aravali mountains in the background. The school derives its distinctive persona from the distinguished Pedagogy System . Delhi Public World School Aravali is ushering a new era of education in the country that designs learning around the child, instead of the other way round.

Where kids create their own learning path

At Delhi Public World School Aravali, we encourage children to explore their favorite activities and experiences. So while the destination remains the same, each student takes a different path to attain it. And along the way, they have the freedom to pick and choose from a wide variety of enriching and rewarding subjects, themes, resources, technologies and activities .The result is a truly personalized journey that makes learning more enriching, rewarding and lasting. And helps students to be the best they can be, by remaining true to who they are.

Concern for environment

Delhi Public World School Aravali believes that we owe a greener future to the next generation. This commitment to sustainable and responsible development is upheld at every step of the way in the school. It is systematically observed in practices we embody such as rain-water harvesting and recycling of waste. Our staff members are initiated to foster a culture of green thinking at every level. Effort is made at every point to sensitise students towards the environment through practical and stimulating activities.
The thoughtful management and consumption of natural resources within the school campuses – be it air, energy, food, land, water, educational tools & resources and waste, is encouraged. Students are made acutely aware of the importance and urgency of adopting a greener attitude in everything they do. As ambassadors of a better tomorrow, they are encouraged to ideate and innovate new ideas that can help our planet become greener, and spread the word in their communities. In particular, they are encouraged to explore concepts of solar cells and storage of energy in labs, and implement projects on recycling and waste management.

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