Delhi Public World Aravali ( Mission & Vision)


Delhi Public World School Aravali aims to instil in each child a sense of inquisitiveness and exploration, and an urge for experimentation, observation and synthesis. We endeavour to free the learning process from the confines of the four walls of classrooms and take it further.


Delhi Public World School Aravali is committed to provide state-of-the-art education, incorporating Indian values and World culture, aiming to create global citizens as torch bearers of a dynamic and harmonious world.

The guiding philosophy at Delhi Public World School Aravali

  • Teaching and learning to shift away from rote methods
  • Curriculum to be enriched enough to go beyond textbooks teach less to learn more
  • Opportunities to be created to enhance the ability of children to link learned knowledge to life outside the school.
  • Active combination of challenging and enriching experiences with academic rigor and creative opportunities
  • Examinations to be more flexible and integrated with classroom life
  • Classroom experience is directed towards becoming good citizens with a sense of equality and compassion

Our Goals

Delhi Public World School Aravali ensures that students are provided with high-quality learning experiences that lead to a consistently high level of achievement by creating an effective and well-managed learning environment in which the individual needs of each child are met. Teaching is centered on the learning process of the individual child, with the learning of basic skills as one of school’s most important goals.

Students learn best when they:

  • Are happy
  • Are interested and motivated
  • Achieve success and gain approval
  • Are given tasks which match their ability
  • Clearly understand the task
  • Are confident, feel secure and are aware of boundaries
  • Are challenged and stimulated
  • Are aware of what they need to do to


Learning takes place in an environment which:

  • Is challenging and stimulating
  • Is peaceful and calm
  • Is happy and caring
  • Is organized
  • Is well-resourced
  • Makes learning accessible
  • Is encouraging and appreciative
  • Is welcoming and provides equal opportunities

Teachers organise the environment to ensure the students have the opportunity to:

  • Work individually,in groups and as a class co-operatively
  • Make decisions
  • Solve problems
  • Be creative
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop social skills
  • Develop independence
  • Receive support from the administration

Children are encouraged to develop organizational skills and independence through:

  • Appropriate tasks
  • Confidence building
  • Example
  • Co-operation
  • Provision of suitable opportunities