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Middle Wing

At Delhi World Public School, the middle school classes (From class VI to Class VIII) leverages a strong foundation on which novel learners nurture a hopeful and successful future. This segment sagaciously offers for the physical, emotional and social well being of young brilliant minds, to turn them into more aware, creative, concerned listeners and brilliant communicators.

Delhi World Public School offers unique methodologies and sciences to facilitate students bring out their true potential. Whether its theatre activities, scientific labs and assemblies, math related programs or any other extra curricular activity, all the activities at Delhi Public World School is entirely focused to bring out the best among students, for their happier and successful future. Moreover, we also aim at nurturing morals like love and care for nature with the help of nature and trees related activities at the school.

At lastly, a mental health regime is also offered to the students through different kinds of workshops, to ensure that our innovative young minds are well-rooted, contented and composed properly.

Undeniably, The Middle School of Delhi World Public School leverages a competitive yet engaging curriculum which helps every student grow into well-established young adult.